Internai Audit

Role-Risk and Control Assessment, Assurance, Investigative and Advisory

Internal audit is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value to and improve an organization's operations.
To achieve its mandate, the internal audit function reviews court stations and other processes within the Judicial Service Commission, through a risk and control assessment to provide an assurance that controls are designed and operating effectively to mitigate existing and new risks identified during assessments. Besides, risk and control assessment, and assurance, internal audit conducts investigative audits and provides advisory services and carry out special assignments as maybe instructed by the Secretariat.
Internal audit activity, headed by a Chief Internal Auditor, reports functionally to the Audit Committee and administratively to the Secretary of the Judicial Service Commission.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are courts audited?
Yes, focus is on risks faced by non-judicial processes of the Commission
• Operational risks.
• Financial risks.
• Compliance risks.
• Strategic risks.
What do you audit at the courts?
• Compliance with key rules and regulations.
• Court fees and trust funds accounting.
• Assets and inventory management.
• Human resources processes.
• Information and communication technology processes.

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