Supreme Court
The Supreme Court is a superior court of record established in terms of section 168 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, 2013. It consists of;
(a) the Chief Justice and the Deputy Chief Justice and
(b) no fewer than two other judges of the Supreme Court and
(c) any additional judges appointed in terms of the Constitution.
Where the services of any additional judge(s) are required for a limited period, the Chief Justice may appoint a judge of the High court or a former judge to act as a judge of the Supreme Court for that period. The court has a permanent seat at Harare and sits on circuit for a week at the end of each legal term in Bulawayo in terms of a General Notice issued by the Chief Justice in the Government Gazette. Currently the Supreme Court has a compliment of 10 Judges which include the Chief Justice, the Deputy Chief Justice and two acting Judges of Appeal.

The Supreme Court is a court of appeal. This means that it cannot be approached as a court of first instance.
It is the final court of appeal for Zimbabwe in all matters except in matters where the Constitutional Court has jurisdiction. The Supreme Court Act [Chapter 7:13] (The Act) and the Supreme Court Rules, 2018 (the rules) regulate the exercise of jurisdiction by the Supreme Court. The rules were promulgated on 1 June 2018.

Frequently asked questions
1. What is the relationship between the Supreme Court and others courts?
2. How long does it take for a matter to be finalised?
3. Can you appeal if you are not satisfied with the decision of the Supreme Court?

Note: The Supreme Court has a Registry office situated at the Bulawayo High Court

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